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Rachel Donné. Digital Artist. Mindfulness Seeker.

Welcome to Donné & Co! My name is Rachel, and I am both an artist and a mindfulness practitioner. I believe that no matter who you are, creativity and mindfulness are the keys to unlocking fulfillment and inspiration in life. I’m passionate about helping people use creativity to inspire any project. You don’t need to be an artist to be creatively inspired in work and life!


I also believe nurturing your well-being through mindfulness techniques and self-care practices will reduce stress and anxiety, increase self-awareness, and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.


Through my work, I teach how to awaken your creative spirit and use it as a tool for self-expression, personal growth, and healing. I guide you through various mindfulness techniques, such as meditation, visualization, and self-reflection, to help you stay centered and focused in the present moment.


Whether you're struggling with creative blocks, feeling uninspired, or simply looking for ways to cultivate a more fulfilling and peaceful life, I want to help. With practical tips, you'll learn how to use creativity and mindfulness to transform your life and unlock your full potential.

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