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And the production begins...

After a year fraught with many setbacks and much anticipation, the final round of silk/cotton scarf prototypes is complete!

What a difference a year makes. Learning the manufacturing process through my friends at Fandomoid has been an eye-opening experience. How complicated can it be you say? Well, check out this great article they shared about everything we have been working on!

We're now onto the manufacturing phase. All three color options for my first design will be produced and shipped over the next month.

Needless to say, we are an excited bunch! 2021 will prove to be far more productive than a former year which shall not be named (They know who they are).

Striving for Perfection

The team has spent a lot of our time this last year refining our product criteria and testing sample after sample. The final product is a perfect combination of silky smooth material and eye-popping color. We are so pleased with the result! I'm especially fond of the shine that appears when wearing them in full sunlight. To those who follow my progress, thank you for your patience! With all of the bugs slowly being worked out of the system, we anticipate a lot more designs and a whole lot of growth over the next year. Cheers to that!

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