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Finding Balance with Color

As I am near the completion of two more designs for our first launch, I wanted to share a sneak peek and talk about how color plays an important role in my designs.

With the start of summer, we all can’t wait for those warm nights, pastel skies, and blue waters. It’s true that the light and airy styles of summer shout beach vacations, relaxation, and no worries. I love it! However, when it comes to creating accessories that follow a summer vibe, you might be surprised by my choices. I believe even in these warmer months, rich and dark colors can make a statement. For my latest two designs, I’ve chosen to work with deep greens and reds. They almost reflect the lush colors of growing tropical plants and flowers that set the backdrop of many holidays.

In addition, blues and yellows are always a sunny and welcome summertime scheme. For me, I love to play with golden hues and mixes of green/blue. Great combinations to pair with light-colored sundresses and a straw hat!

Less Is More

You’ll notice some simplicity starting to work its way into my designs. I’ve found that, with scarfs, the folding and ever-changing look of a piece depends on how it’s being worn. This means relying on larger and more simplified shapes, patterns, and color schemes. It’s an interesting challenge, but so far I’ve been excited with the results.

Donné & Co. will launch with our first scarf line later this summer; three designs in seven fun color schemes! Check out the rose design here.

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