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Ah, the joys of manufacturing your own products.

I was hoping very much to be announcing my first ever ready-to-wear silk scarf prototypes this week, but alas, the fates have other things planned for us all.

Our factory, which has been wonderful for all of 2020 has decided that they can no longer create the type of product we're after. It's a combination of bad timing and machine issues on their side.

Not to worry! The beautiful team at Fandomoid is already on top of things. A new factory is already in our sights and we should have new prototypes ready to go very soon. In the meantime, what I can share are some shots of the box design! I'm super excited about how they have turned out.

I had so much fun designing these too. I wanted to create something that spoke to the luxury style I'm interested in creating, but with a more dreamy, creative touch. I especially love how the color turned out!

The next update I make should be an exciting one. Soon there will be scarves to fill these boxes! Stay tuned.

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