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You Can Just Keep Trying

Anyone who has some experience with art will tell you that the "final version" is never very final at all. With the Covid virus putting a damper on our plans to have prototypes ready by the start of summer, I've spent the last several months thinking about what I genuinely want to do with my designs. I've also created way too many versions of my first piece.

Luckily, things are starting to move once again! The factory we are working with is back in production and starting work on my first ever products. So what the heck am I making?

I am starting with the most beautiful expression of wearable art I know of, and that is the silk scarf. There is no end to the possibilities you can create with this type of product. It was important that what I made was also a functional item, and I think that scarfs strike a perfect balance between form and function. I also have an interest in patterns and symmetry. I love to work with botanicals and structures throughout the animal kingdom.

Though I'm not sure where this is heading, at the moment, I am happy to be moving forward once again. Below, I've added a sneak peek of what is to come. Hopefully, in the next few weeks, I'll have my first product ready to share with the world!


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